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Tidelift adds Atlassian Bitbucket integration for application development and devops teams leveraging managed open source

October 30, 2019

The Tidelift Subscription free trial is now also available through the Atlassian Marketplace, providing enterprise-grade coverage for thousands of open source components

BOSTON, October 30, 2019Today at Atlassian Open 2019, Tidelift announced integration with the Bitbucket code collaboration platform. Application development and devops teams using Bitbucket to manage their software development and deployment lifecycle can now use the Tidelift managed open source subscription to help ensure the open source dependencies they rely on to build their applications are secure, well managed, and licensed in compliance with their organization’s policies. Tidelift also has made the Tidelift Subscription free trial available through the Atlassian Marketplace, the curated collection of applications for the Atlassian ecosystem.

The Tidelift Subscription is a managed open source subscription for application dependencies covering thousands of open source projects across the JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, and .NET ecosystems. With a subscription in place, software development and operations teams receive the support they expect from commercial software, but for the community-led open source components that comprise 70% or more of the code in most modern applications

The Tidelift Subscription includes tooling and cloud integration—now with support for Bitbucket—as well as security updates with patches for new vulnerabilities in open source components, licensing verification and indemnification, active code maintenance and improvement from the independent open source maintainers behind the most critical projects, and more.

“This integration allows us to bring Tidelift to more than 10 million registered Bitbucket users who have made the platform a cornerstone of their development infrastructure,” said Matt Rollender, Head of Partnerships at Tidelift. “Organizations that rely on Bitbucket and, more broadly, the Atlassian suite of products are now able to fully leverage the Tidelift Subscription to help their development teams focus on writing code, spending less time wrestling with their open source dependencies.” 

Learn more about how to make open source work even better for developers in the 2019 Tidelift managed open source survey results.

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Tidelift is the largest provider of commercial support and maintenance for the community-led open source software behind modern applications. Tidelift partners directly with independent project maintainers to make it safer and easier to build with open source, so engineering teams can create even more incredible software, even faster. The Tidelift managed open source subscription delivers security updates, licensing verification and indemnification, maintenance and code improvement, package selection and version guidance, roadmap input, and tooling and cloud integration. Tidelift makes open source work better—for everyone. For more:

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